Is Our Furniture Getting Bigger? Yes. Here’s Why

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Is Our Furniture Getting Bigger? Yes. Here’s Why – Size and scale in furniture mean more than just harmony of proportions: they are first and foremost a matter of practicality. The height and depth of a sofa can determine how comfortable a family feels when spending time reading or watching TV. A chair back that’s too low can disrupt meal and work times, while awkwardly tall kitchen cabinets can spoil the fun of cooking dinner.

The pioneers of Modernism looked into proportion and people’s interactions with space, and applied their findings to furniture design. The famous Modulor Man anthropometric scale of proportion, developed by celebrated architect and designer Le Corbusier, offered a standard of sorts and served as a guideline for furniture manufacturers, but average human height has increased over the decades, and furniture proportions have changed accordingly. Find out how furniture makers are adjusting their offerings to provide us with more flexibility and choices.